The Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign was the SRS Foundation’s first step towards developing a more structured fundraising strategy. The goal of the Campaign was to raise funds to increase the number of early-career investigator awards we can offer annually. The Campaign was successful in obtaining pledges from individual and corporate partners totaling close to $2.5M to be collected over a 5-year period. While the Campaign funding created a tremendous boost for the investigator award program, with annual pledges of $400-500K annually, there are numerous programs that still require ongoing annual financial support.

For that reason, in 2019 the Foundation is conducting an Annual Appeal, with the goal of raising $75,000 from individuals and corporate partners to develop and execute the following programs:

  • Sleep Meeting Mentor Program
  • Travel Awards to ASCS
  • International/Domestic Match Program
  • Travel Awards to APSS
  • Scholarships to attend the Young Investigator’s Research Forum

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