Public Service Award

The SRS Public Service Award is presented to one or more individuals who have significantly advanced the mission of the SRS outside of their scientific and educational contributions. Service as an Officer or Director of the SRS Board is neither necessary nor sufficient for this award.

Selection criteria generally include:

  • Public relations and advocacy efforts
  • Developing and sustaining relationships with critical government agencies and lawmakers
  • Public policy efforts

The nomination period for 2024 Annual Meeting Awards is now closed. Nominations for 2025 will open in August 2024.

2023 Recipient

Karin Johnson, MD
Karin Johnson, MD

“I thank the Sleep Research Society for this great honor. I thank many people without whom I wouldn’t be standing here today.  Chuck Czeizler who first taught me about circadian rhythms in my undergraduate course at Harvard sparking my interest in sleep medicine. Robert Thomas who pushed us in Fellowship to be the best clinicians for our patients. Joyce Lee Iannotti and Logan Scheider who were there at the start of this advocacy journey when AAN was asked to support PST.  Jay Pea, Beth Klerman, Phyllis Zee, Erik Herzog who have taught me so much about permanent standard time. The AASM Foundation and volunteers who helped make the Science of clock change video series especially Jessica Farrell, Vidya Krishnan, Indira Gurubhagavatula, Kin Yuen, Shannon Sullivan. Others who I have had the honor to work with and learn from on this Daylight Saving Time Journey including Beth Malow, Raphael Pelayo, Judy Owens, Meir Kryger and Terra Ziporyn. Finally I want to thank my family, my father and sleep mentor, Douglas Johnson, my mother and brother whose own advocacy inspire me, my husband Jason and children Kay and JJ who allow me the time and support to do this work. Advocacy cannot be done without the science so I encourage researchers to use position in time zone to study more health and society outcomes. Advocacy also cannot be done without money so I encourage you to open your wallets and donate to the societies PACs and foundations and sleep health nonprofits who are out their every day meeting with legislators and spreading awareness like save standard time.”

Past Recipients

2022 – Terra Ziporyn Snider, PhD
2021 – James K, Walsh, PhD