2023 – 2024 Board of Directors

Namni Goel, PhD
President (2023-2024)
Immediate Past President (2024-2025)
Daniel Buysse, MD
President-Elect (2023-2024)
President (2024-2026)
Immediate Past President (2026-2027)
Stephanie J. Crowley, PhD
Secretary/Treasurer (2022-2024)
Cathy Alessi, MD
Suzanne M. Bertisch, MD
Philip Gehrman, PhD
Chandra Jackson, PhD
Girardin Jean-Louis, PhD
Miranda M. Lim, MD, PhD
Megan E. Petrov, PhD
Amy Wolfson, PhD
Miranda Chappel-Farley, MS
Trainee Member-at-Large (2023-2024)
John A. Noel
Executive Director
Jenny Bogda
SRS Coordinator
Amanda Powers Snowden
Strategic Initiatives Manager

Standing Committees

The Sleep Research Society invites members to participate in a standing committee. Volunteer committee members provide an invaluable service to the organization and to members by contributing to initiatives and projects that are critical to the field of sleep and circadian research. Members also gain professional enrichment through the diverse activities of a committee.

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