SRS Infographic Contest

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual Sleep Research Society (SRS) Infographic Contest and request that you share this opportunity with your students and encourage them to submit an entry. The intent of this Contest is to promote awareness about sleep and circadian rhythms through the creation of an Infographic (information graphic).

2024 Infographic Topic:

“How to maximize sleep when you can’t control your work schedule”

We are inviting infographic submissions that use textual information combined with graphics to communicate two broad topics: 1) sleep challenges faced by occupational groups that have limited control over work schedules (e.g., shift workers) and 2) opportunities to reduce fatigue and improve sleep health despite these challenges. Infographics may outline challenges faced by specific occupational groups (e.g., first responders, nurses) or speak about barriers broadly (e.g., work/life balance, schedule control, unplugging from work when schedules can change).

Who is eligible? Any individual or group of individuals enrolled in high school or in an undergraduate program, or who has evidence of being enrolled in a homeschooling program, at the time of entry is eligible. Current SRS members of any category are also eligible, but this is not required. Winners from each category of the Contest will be awarded the following prizes:

  • First Prize: $125 or free SRS membership/renewal for one year, a certificate, and their Infographic promoted on social media.
  • Second Prize: $75, a certificate, and their Infographic promoted on SRS social media.
  • Third Prize: $50, a certificate, and their Infographic promoted on SRS social media.

Note: High school or undergraduate students that submit an Infographic as a group will evenly split any prize monies among the group members.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 11:59 pm (CT)


Questions about the SRS Infographic Contest can be directed to:

How to Enter

To submit your infographic for the 2024 SRS Infographic Contest use the button above or click here.

Selection of Winner(s)

An expert panel of Judges will view and analyze every entry received for originality, infographic quality, as well as the appropriateness, relevance, and scientific accuracy of its message. Members of the judging panel will not be permitted to submit entries nor will they judge entries from their institution.

Submission Rules

Agreement to Rules

Each Entrant must comply with all the terms and conditions of the official rules (the “Rules”) contained herein. By participating in the Contest, each Entrant fully and unconditionally agrees to be bound by and accepts the terms and conditions of these Rules and the decisions of the Sleep Research Society and its judges (including, without limitation, the selection of finalists and winners, and the awarding of prizes), which are final and binding in all respects.

Guidelines for Infographic Submissions

  • Originality: Submissions must be original work of the Entrant(s) and must not have been previously published or have won an award or prize of any kind elsewhere. Previously published submissions from publicized contests will be disqualified. Submissions or works created by others will not be considered and will be disqualified.
  • Relevance to topic: Submission topic must be appropriately related to the topic described above.
  • Image quality: The submissions must be high resolution image files to allow for clear large format printing.
  • Sizing: Submission should be 600 pixels x 1200 pixels. Image should be 300 dpi.
  • Copyright: Submissions must not incorporate or include anything that violates any law or the copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or other right of any third party. Proof of permission may be requested.
  • Permission: Contestants are responsible for securing all necessary rights, licenses, clearances, releases, consents and/or permissions from any third parties that appear in the infographic in order to avoid disqualification, and the Sleep Research Society reserves the right to request proof of ownership or permission to use any material contained in each submission.

Appropriateness Requirements

Infographic Submissions must NOT:

  • Include trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by the entrant. All images or references to third-party brands, logos or works must be edited or blurred in the infographic submission.
  • Use individuals’ names, in whole or in part (including the Entrant’s last name), without written permission.
  • In the sole and absolute judgment of the Sleep Research Society, contain profanity; content depicting or promoting sexual activity; content depicting or promoting illegal activity; content that depicts or promotes violence or harm; or any other offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content.

Use of Submission

By submitting an entry:

  • You represent and warrant that, if you are the designated person that has entered this Contest, you are authorized to make representations and warranties, and will be liable for any breach of these representations and warranties or other failure to comply with the Official Rules of this Contest.
  • You represent and warrant that your entry and all elements contained therein (“Content”) is original and, to the extent the Content incorporates or includes anything that is owned or controlled by any third party, you have obtained in writing all rights necessary to comply with the Official Rules of this Contest; and, that Content does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, or any other right of any third party.
  • You agree to enter into a non-exclusive, non-transferrable copyright license agreement with the Sleep Research Society that will allow the Sleep Research Society and the Entrant the rights to use the Content in the course of their exclusive business in any and all media whether now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, wherever produced or located, including the right to use, copy, distribute, perform, display and to create derivative works of the Content for advertising, trade, other commercial purposes or any other purpose; provided, however, to the extent Content contains third party materials, you have obtained written permission granting the Sleep Research Society a perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid, freely transferable (with full rights to sublicense) universal, unconditional and irrevocable right and license to copy, distribute, perform, display and to create derivative works from such third party materials for any and all purposes relating to the promotion, marketing, advertising, distribution and/or sales of the Sleep Research Society.
  • You represent and warrant that you meet the requirements and qualifications for this Contest, and that you have read these Official Rules and are fully familiar with them.
  • You agree to indemnify, and hold the Sleep Research Society, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents and representatives (“Indemnitees”) harmless from and against any third party claim (including reasonably attorneys’ fees and costs) arising from any use of the Content. You waive (i) any right to publicity, privacy or moral rights relating to the Content or your participation in this Contest, and (ii) any right to inspect or approve uses of the Content by the Sleep Research Society or to be compensated for any such uses. To the extent these rights may not be waived legally, you agree not to assert them.
  • By submitting an entry, you grant to the Sleep Research Society and its affiliated companies the right, except where prohibited by law, to use your name, likeness, picture, voice, biographical information, submission/entry and written or oral statements, for advertising and promotional purposes in promoting or publicizing the Contest, the Sleep Research Society and its mission and services, without compensation unless required by law. You shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based on invasion of privacy, defamation, rights of integrity or attribution, or right of publicity) arising out of any use, blurring, alteration, or use in composite form of your name, picture, likeness, address (city and state), e-mail address, biographical information, or entry. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to the Sleep Research Society and its affiliated companies and agents with respect to all entrants in the Contest, including the entrant who is selected as the grand prize winner and those entrants who are not selected. The Sleep Research Society is under no obligation to use the winning entries or any other entry for any purpose.

SRS 2023 Infographic Contest Winners – Nighttime Habits for Brighter Days Among School-Aged Children

In 2023, we partnered with Pajama Program, a non-profit that promotes and supports comforting bedtime routines and healthy sleep for children facing adversity.

Christy Wang

First Place Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
Stanford University
Undergraduate/High School Category

Erin Custod

Second Place (Tie) Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
Purdue University
Undergraduate/High School Category

Finnley Chambers

Second Place (Tie) Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
Amherst Regional High School
Undergraduate/High School Category

Maria Clara

First Place Member Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
University of Coimbra
SRS Member Category

Leen Abbas

Second Place Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
University of Colorado – Boulder
SRS Member Category

Stephanie U

Third Place Winner of the 2023 Infographic Contest
The University of British Columbia
SRS Member Category

Undergraduate/High School Category:

SRS Member Category:

Undergraduate/High School Category:

SRS Member Category:

Undergraduate/High School Category:

SRS Member Category: