About the Sleep Research Society Foundation

The Sleep Research Society Foundation (SRSF) provides support for growth and development in the field of sleep and circadian research. The SRSF was established in 2005 by the Sleep Research Society Board of Directors to provide support for investigators to conduct studies that would form the basis of more comprehensive applications to federal agencies, private foundations and industry partners.

Since its inception, the SRSF has provided 55 awards totaling $1.9 million. Those awardees have gone on to secure an additional $24.5 million in funding, demonstrating that the SRSF is identifying and funding the next generation of sleep and circadian investigators.

The Sleep Research Society Foundation is committed to supporting the future of sleep and circadian field. The field is at a momentous crossroad, and we need to encourage investigators to remain in the field, to submit their ideas, and to continue their all-too-important research. Opportunities to make such a profound impact on a field of medicine are rare, so let us seize this opportunity together. Millions of Americans are and will be depending on the life-changing research we must fund today. It is within our reach to reduce the risk of illness, improve on existing therapeutic approaches for patients, and enhance public health and safety for millions. Your support of the Sleep Research Society Foundation can make a difference.

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Our Mission

The Sleep Research Society Foundation is committed to the growth and development of the field of sleep and circadian research through education and research funding opportunities.


Mentor and Travel Awards

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Board of Directors

Sairam Parthasarathy, MD

Stephanie J. Crowley, PhD

Ravi Allada, MD

Suzanne M. Bertisch, MD

Philip Gehrman, PhD

Namni Goel, PhD

H. Craig Heller, PhD

John A. Noel
Executive Director

Chandra Jackson, PhD

Girardin Jean-Louis, PhD

Miranda M. Lim, MD, PhD

Amy Wolfson, PhD

Darlynn Rojo-Wissar, PhD
Trainee Member-at-Large
TEAC Liaison

Christine A. Davis
Foundation Director

Kaitlan M. Willis
SRS Coordinator

Annual Report