SRS Trainee Opportunities

SRS Trainee Member-at-Large

As scientific knowledge expands and the profession grows, the SRS needs strong leaders to continue to move the Society forward and to implement programs that will benefit the membership. This includes supporting educational activities for trainee members of the SRS. Responsibilities for this position include organizing the Trainee Symposia Series, summarizing all trainee evaluations, and participating in monthly planning meetings. As an effective non-voting member of the Board of Directors, the Trainee Member at Large will also assist with the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the Society, help establish and monitor metrics for achievement of Society goals and performance, and maintain regular communication with the membership.


  • Current SRS Trainee Member
  • Previous attendance at a Trainee Day
  • Previous participation on the Trainee Subcommittee
  • Will hold trainee status through end of term as Trainee Member at Large

Applications for Trainee Member at Large Elect are accepted in February* of each year. After one year as Trainee Member at Large Elect, the member will serve a one year term as Trainee Member at Large.

SRS Trainee Subcommittee

The SRS forms the Trainee Subcommittee each year in August to help plan the Trainee Symposia Series and other trainee-related activities at SLEEP the following year, the Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS). This is a unique opportunity for current trainee members to become more actively involved in the SRS and field!

The planning and organization of the SRS trainee-related activities are overseen by the SRS’s Trainee Education Advisory Committee (TEAC) with significant input and involvement of this subcommittee of trainees. A goal is to assemble a subcommittee of trainees with diverse research interests from broad geographic areas that represent the trainees within the society.


  • Active trainee members of the Society;
  • Have attended at least one (1) previous Trainee Symposia Series and;
  • Will attend the SLEEP meeting assisting SRS staff during the Trainee Symposia Series program.

Trainee Journal Club

Journal Club Reviews are authored by Sleep Research Society trainee members. These reviews are a summary, critical review and discussion of impact/significance of on an article recently published in SLEEP and should be written in the style of an Editorial, with no abstract, significance statement or subheadings. Eligible authors are graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows who are current trainee members of the Sleep Research Society. Co-authored manuscripts are encouraged but not required. The submission fee will be waived for SRS members. View full details.

SLEEP Advances Trainee Support Initiative

The Sleep Research Society is pleased to announce its support for trainees to get published by providing support to pay for open access fees to publish in SLEEP Advances. Current Undergraduate, Predoctoral, and Postdoctoral SRS Members are eligible. This initiative is available for the following article types only: Original Articles, Brief Research Reports, and Review Articles. Individuals interested in applying for this initiative must be the first and corresponding author on the manuscript to be submitted. Applicants must complete the linked form that requires a statement of need. The statement of need should address the applicant’s need for financial support to cover publication fees. (There are limited funds set aside for this initiative and they will be disbursed on a first come first served basis until the funds are depleted.)

SLEEP Meeting SRS Trainee Opportunities


The Trainee Education and Advisory Committee (TEAC) has prepared the 10 Commandments of Networking to encourage SRS members to reach out during the SLEEP meeting. While this was originally developed with trainees in mind, we hope all SRS members will take a moment to review and always be prepared should a trainee or junior faculty approach you.

SRS Trainee Symposia Series

The Trainee Symposia Series is intended to foster scientific investigation, professional education and career development in sleep and circadian research as well as academic sleep medicine. The Trainee Symposia Series includes seminars on the science of sleep and circadian rhythms, career development, grant writing, leadership, mentorship opportunities, as well as networking opportunities. The Trainee Symposia Series is open to all trainees, but SRS membership is required to be considered for SRS Awards.

SRS Workshops

The Trainee Education Advisory Committee hosts a workshop each year at SLEEP, alternating between Leadership Development and Grant Writing.

SRS Competitive Awards

SRS competitive awards exist to support a trainee’s effort to grow in the field.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Current SRS ‘Student’ Membership
  • Attendance at the SLEEP Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS)
  • Attendance at the Trainee Symposia Series

Each application will be reviewed on its own merit. Please apply to all awards for which you are eligible and interested, attending to the requirements in the online application. Trainees can apply for all awards, but will only receive up to one.

  • Trainee Merit Award (covers the cost of SLEEP registration)
  • SRSF Undergraduate Trainee Travel Award (up to $1,000 to cover travel costs to the SLEEP meeting)
  • Diversity Travel Award (up to $2,000 to cover travel costs to the SLEEP meeting)

Trainee Networking Development Suite

The SRS Trainee Networking Development Suite offers trainee members an opportunity to network with other trainees, experienced researchers, and mentors in sleep and circadian science throughout SLEEP . The Suite is open during the meeting, with programming during breakfast and lunch. The Trainee Networking Development Suite is open to all trainees.

Global Trainee Mix & Match Program

(Formerly the Trainee International/Domestic Match Program)

SRS Trainees are invited to participate in the Global Trainee Mix & Match Program, a networking event where trainees from all over the world can meet to share experiences and build global connections. The program is targeted at supporting international (non-US) trainees based both in the US and abroad, and US trainees interested in studying/working outside the US. This free opportunity is open to all trainees but requires an application*.

*Application link below SLEEP Meeting Mentor Mentee Program.  

SLEEP Meeting Mentor/Mentee Program

The Sleep Meeting Mentor Program (SMMP) offers a unique opportunity to interact with a faculty mentor in sleep and circadian research at the SLEEP meeting. This program was developed to facilitate networking and career development opportunities (e.g., CV review, grant development ideas, etc.) for trainees who show strong potential for a career in sleep and circadian research, but need additional mentorship not available at their home institution.

Connect with Other Trainees

Trainees are encouraged to join the SRS Trainee Facebook Page, a private group. Register at

Connect with the SRS Trainee Member at Large via Twitter @srs_tml

Questions about trainee opportunities? Reach out to Trainee Member at Large, Darlynn Rojo-Wissar, PhD, at