SRSF Small Research Grant

The Small Research Grant is designed to support the research of trainees and early career investigators who otherwise do not have the institutional resources to support new studies and/or do not have a sustained record of external funding. The Small Research Grant is intended to provide seed funding to support training and research to ultimately allow individuals to successfully apply for or complete career development grants (e.g. K-awards).

Awards may be used to compensate participants (on-line or in-person), purchase supplies, purchase small equipment, run lab tests and assays, or pay research assistants. Funds may not be used for salary or travel to conferences, and no indirect costs will be granted to the awardee’s institution.

Applicants must be a member of the Sleep Research Society, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, or hold a dual membership. These grants are available to all levels of trainees (undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, early career investigators) and are intended to fund relatively inexpensive studies. These studies can support thesis development, collection of pilot data, proposals for early career extramural funding or completion of early career grants. The maximum that may be requested is $5,000.

The 2024 RFA will open in July.


2023 Recipients

Syed Imran Ahmed, MBBS, MPH
Virginia Commonwealth University*

Jeremy A. Bigalke, PhD
Baylor University

Caroline Y. Doyle, PhD
University of Pittsburgh*

Christina Giles, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical*

Emily Goldberg, M.S. CCC-SLP
University of Pittsburgh

Ashley Ingiosi, PhD
Ohio State University

Monica R. Kelly, PhD
VA Greater Los Angeles

Kathryn Kennedy
The University of Arizona

Jennifer Mundt, PhD
Northwestern University

Cassi Springfield, MS, MA
University of Southern Mississippi*

Valerie Swisher
Pennsylvania State University*

Brandon Toth
University of Michigan

Bruna Visniauskas, PhD
Tulane University

Jamie Walker, M.A., LPC
University of Arkansas*

*Funding for this grant was provided in partnership with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation (AASMF).

Past Recipients

Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD – Indiana University School of Medicine
Jamila Battle, MD – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amy Costa – University of Missouri
Joshua Gonzalez, PhD – Oregon Health & Science University
Ian Greenlund, PhD – Mayo Clinic
Kathryn Harper, PhD – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Courtney Kurinec, PhD – Washington State University
Gonzalo Labarca, MD – Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Madison Musich – University of Missouri-Columbia
Frank Raven, PhD – University of Michigan
Matthew Reid, PhD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Harry Smith, PhD – University of Bath
Melanie Stearns, PhD – University of South Florida
Lena Xiao, MD – The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Andrée-Ann Baril, PhD – Douglas Mental Health Institute / McGill University
Joshua Bock, PhD – Mayo Clinic
Elissa Hoopes, PhD, ACSM-CEP – University of Delaware
Alejandra Mondino, DVM, MSc – North Carolina State University
Amrita Pal, PhD – University of California, Los Angeles
Brandon Roberts, PhD – University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Maria Ines Sotelo, PhD – University of Michigan
Delainey Wescott, MS – University of Pittsburgh
Charlie Zhong, PhD – University of Southern California

Tony Cunningham, PhD – Boston College, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
Daniel S. Joyce, PhD – University of Nevada, Reno
Natalie Michael, PhD – The Quebec Heart and Lunch Institute Research Center
Darlynn Rojo-Wissar – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bruno Saconi – University of Pennsylvania