The Sleep Research Society keeps a listing of email listservs relevant to sleep research. Members can learn about how to subscribe to each of the listservs by clicking the links provided on this page.

SRS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Listserv

This listserv communicates SRS DEI programming and opportunities. If you would like to share relevant invitations, resources, and opportunities to the SRS DEI Listserv members, please submit content to the SRS coordinator at

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SLEEP-L Listserv

SLEEP-L is dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas among members of the international community of sleep researchers and practitioners. The listserv is monitored under the support of the Canadian Sleep Society. SLEEP-L contains unedited material, and the responsibility for the content of the material distributed rests with the original contributor.

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The PEDSLEEP listserv is a forum for discourse about sleep and sleep disorders in infants and children. Sleep research professionals can join PEDSLEEP by emailing


The SLEEP-RFA listserv provides federal research funding opportunities and federal organized conferences relevant to sleep/circadian research, via NIH/NCSDR.

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If you have an additional listserv you would like to add to the SRS listing, contact the SRS Communications Committee Chair by email at