Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign

While there is no shortage of innovative thinking and ideas in the field of sleep research, there is a shortage of investigators to spearhead sleep-related research projects, specifically early-career investigators. The SRS and SRSF are uniquely positioned to address the current critical shortage of early-career sleep researchers through the SRSF Career Development Award.

In 2017, the Sleep Research Society Foundation embarked on the “Funding our Future Scientists” Campaign, a national fund-raising initiative to raise support to fund early-career investigator awards, so more sleep and circadian researchers will be able to launch their careers to make the significant advances needed to understand and treat sleep disorders.

While we know that individuals differ in how they respond to sleep loss, shift work, and other sleep/circadian disruptions, we do not yet know how to predict those differences, or how to use them to decrease health and occupational risks and increase productivity. Sleep research matters, and it is vital that we continue to probe and investigate if we are to unlock these mysteries and so many more.

With nearly 2.1 million secured in individual pledges and corporate support to be fulfilled over 5 years, SRS members and industry have demonstrated their unprecedented support when the Campaign closed in 2022.

This initiative further established the SRSF as the premier entity focused on enhancing the research careers of trainees and early investigators in sleep and circadian science.

Christoph Nissen
Christoph Nissen
“Being a recipient of the SRSF grant was a critically important step in my career. It allowed me to complete a smaller project on sleep and depression and to successfully apply for further research support. I strongly believe that the SRSF grant is a great funding mechanism! It is ideal to encourage young people and to further the field of sleep research.”

Thank You to Our Supporters

The Sleep Research Society Foundation thanks the supporters of the Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign. Without support from our members and corporate partners, none of this would be possible. Thank you all for everything you do.

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Are you a committed Campaign donor? You can make your pledge payment online. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact or call (630) 737-9702.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

The Sleep Research Society Foundation is grateful for the dedication of all our campaign volunteers. These individuals are responsible for leading this effort and their contributions should be applauded.