Nominations Procedure for SRS Leadership Positions

Elected Positions

The Nominations Committee will consider the nominating slate, along with any recommendations from members of the committee. The recommendation will then go to the Board of Directors, who has the power to select nominees independent of the Nominations Committee recommendations. The SRS President will then contact the nominees to determine their willingness to run for the position. All SRS members with voting rights will receive a ballot. The candidate with the most votes will be appointed to the position.

Nominations for a colleague and self-nominations is closed for 2024.

To be considered for the position of Secretary/Treasurer, individuals must be full or emeritus members of the SRS and submit the following:

To be considered for the position of Director-at-Large, individuals must be full or emeritus members of the SRS and submit:

To be considered for the position of COI Committee Member-at-Large, individuals must be full or emeritus members of the SRS and submit the following:

Essential Characteristics of an SRS Board Member

We appreciate that some of these are hard to quantify.

  • Is a strategic, diverse, and creative thinker
  • Has demonstrated wisdom
  • A perceived leader or potential leader
  • Effective communicator, willing to collaborate and compromise, not overly dogmatic
  • Is committed to the Society and its mission, has time to commit to their role on the Board, and is responsive and timely
  • Knowledgeable about the society and the field, broadly speaking; willing to learn, where knowledge gaps exist
  • Is engaged in sleep and/or circadian research and/or training and is committed to the advancement of the field as a whole
  • Willing to understand the legal responsibilities of the board and society

Desirable Characteristics in at Least Some Board Members

These are skills and knowledge we need on the Board, but not every member must have.

  • Diversity – The Board seeks diversity in the broadest sense: scientific, sex, race/ethnicity, geographic location, institution, international members, academic rank
  • Past service to the SRS
  • Past leadership roles with other societies
  • Former SRS trainees who “grew up” in the SRS
  • Non-academic roles/backgrounds

Review the SRS Bylaws and the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy.

For more information, contact SRS Staff or any SRS Board Member.

The Board expects that all Directors will, at minimum:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Society, committed to the Society’s mission and programs and in full compliance with the Society’s Conflict-of-Interest Policy.
  2. Have relevant research experience.
  3. Have experience or knowledge with respect to at least one area of the Society’s operations or area of board responsibility, such as strategic planning, financial management, technology, fundraising and development, public or government relations, scientific offerings and career development.
  4. Be collaborative, with a strong orientation to the future and a commitment to improvement, organizational and personal learning, innovation, organizational sustainability, and intelligent risk-taking.

Please refer to Board Expectations document for further expectations.