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The Sleep Research Society Foundation (SRSF) provides support
for growth and development in the field of sleep and circadian
research by funding investigators to conduct pilot studies that
would form the basis of more comprehensive applications to
federal agencies, private foundations and industry partners.

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What We Do

Sleep loss and sleep and circadian disorders negatively impact millions of people every day, interfering with the ability to live healthy, productive lives. In the United States alone, working days lost due to insufficient sleep and sleep disorders caused account for $411 billion in economic losses and represent 2.28 percent of our country’s GDP annually. The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has described the rising trend of insufficient sleep as “an unmet public health problem.” Thanks to breakthroughs in the field of sleep and circadian research, we are now beginning to understand the fundamental importance of sleep.

Insufficient sleep jeopardizes our personal health, our workplace productivity, and the well-being of our communities. Some of this is the direct, daily impact of insufficient sleep, which hampers our ability to concentrate, reduces motivation and creativity, and negatively impacts health and wellbeing.  Sleep disturbance also commonly occurs alongside other physical and mental health problems including cancer, dementia, depression, and cardiovascular disease.  Sleep and circadian researchers take an holistic approach by pursuing research questions that investigate these complex interrelationships in order to improve the overall health of the public.

While we know that individuals differ in how they respond to sleep loss, shift work, and other sleep/circadian disruptions, we do not yet know how to predict those differences, or how to use them to decrease health and occupational risks and increase productivity. Sleep and circadian research matters, and it is vital that we continue to probe and investigate if we are to unlock these mysteries and so many more.

While there is no shortage of innovative thinking and ideas in the field of sleep research, there is a shortage of investigators to spearhead sleep-related research projects, specifically early-career investigators. The Sleep Research Society Foundation is uniquely positioned to address the current critical shortage of early-career sleep and circadian researchers through our programs: SRSF Career Development Award, SRSF Small Research Grant, SRSF Mentored Collaboration Award and various SRSF travel awards to attend important conferences.

Our Mission

The Sleep Research Society Foundation is committed to the growth and development of the field of sleep and circadian research through education and research funding opportunities.

Since its inception in 2005,

the SRS Foundation has awarded

over $3.2 million

to sleep and circadian researchers.

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