CALERA® : Call for Proposals

In partnership with Sleep Research Society, greenteg AG (Switzerland) is pleased to launch the 1st edition in 2024 of its Call for Proposals for innovative research projects.

With its clinically validated Core Body Temperature monitoring technology solution CALERA®, greenteg AG and its network of research partners advance the research of circadian rhythm by incorporating Core Body temperature fluctuation data in sleep research in remote and traditional clinical trials at scale.

About the technology

This Swiss patented heat-flux sensor eliminates outside environmental influences when monitoring, and therefore delivers accurate results independent of the user’s physical activity level or external conditions. Data is easily collected remotely, continuously, and non-invasively simply on skin-contact, thereby increasing participant efficacy.

For more information about our CALERA technology to collect core body temperature data, please visit our website in the link provided below.


Greenteg will review the applications and three (3) grant recipients will receive up to 10 CALERA® research monitoring devices and analytic support.

Winners and awards will be announced via press release and published on greenteg and partner digital platforms by May 2024.

Applications must be submitted by March 25, 2024.

The application form is available here:


Further information about this call for research proposals is available on Sleep research using CALERA ( or by contacting