Leave a Legacy

What is a Legacy Gift?

It is a planned future gift that designates part or all a person’s estate as a donation to a nonprofit like the Sleep Research Society Foundation. Whether you want to honor an individual through a major gift or designate the Sleep Research Society Foundation as the beneficiary of your charitable remainder trust, we are pleased to provide many giving options for your consideration.

We thank you advance for your generosity – Leaving a legacy by directly supporting the future of Sleep and Circadian Science will honor your commitment to the field for many years to come.

Please consult a certified financial advisor regarding estate planning and the other options available to you.

Ways to Leave a Legacy

Many people enjoy making gifts in support of one or more charitable interests. Over time, many ways of making gifts have been created that allow you to give while also meeting a number of personal planning goals. Seven of the most popular ways to structure gifts are described in this brochure.

It is always wise to carefully consider the best property to use to fund charitable gifts. While most gifts are made in the form of cash, additional tax savings and other financial benefits may make gifts of securities that have increased in value especially attractive. Learn more

Many of us have one or more life insurance policies. Life insurance is traditionally purchased for several reasons- to provide security for loved ones, as a time-honored savings plan or as a means to provide funds expected to be needed for the payment of estate taxes and other estate settlement expenses. Life insurance can also offer a convenient way to fund meaningful charitable gifts now and as part of your long-term estate and financial plans. Learn more

Many have taken advantage of generous tax incentives provided by Congress to encourage saving for retirement through contributions to IRAs, 401(k)s and similar plans. These options-have traditionally featured income tax savings when contributions are made. Amounts in the plans then build tax free and are not generally subject to income tax until they are withdrawn by one or more beneficiaries. You may want to consider including charitable gifts when planning for the ultimate distribution of assets remaining in retirement accounts after you have provided for yourself and your loved ones. Learn more

Some estate plans are more effective than others. What many of the best plans have in common, however, is a well-thought-out will designed to work along with other estate planning tools. Learn more