SRS Podcast Season 1

Episode 6

Evaluation of a Novel Wearable Device for Sleep Measurement

Dr. Michael Grandner, guest

Today’s episode focuses on the investigation Performance of a Multisensor Smart Ring to Evaluate Sleep: In-Lab and Home-Based Evaluation of Generalized and Personalized Algorithms, which was published in June 2022 in the the journal SLEEP . Our guest today, Dr. Michael Grandner, will guide us through the study which evaluated a novel, commercially available sleep tracking device known as the “Happy Ring.” Importantly, this investigation not only evaluated the general capabilities of the Happy Ring, but also assessed whether integrating personalization into the device’s algorithm could improve device performance. It is this key piece of innovation that distinguishes the Happy Ring, as the overwhelming majority of measurement tools still employ a generalized, one-size-fits-all approach that is likely to degrade performance abilities.