Dear SRS Members,

In my final blog installment reviewing progress toward our Strategic Plan goals, I will be highlighting our successes in Support of Trainees, Diversity, and Scientific Offerings.

Support of trainees continues to be one of the very top priorities of our society.  With the help of our Foundation’s fundraising efforts we were able to increase the number of trainee awards provided this year.  We also continued our highly successful trainee focused programs such as SRS Trainee Day, Trainee Networking Development Suite, and the Trainee Career Fair.  Many thanks to all of you who were critical to making this a great success again this year.  One of our new priorities in our revised strategic plan is to extend our education and support activities beyond the current level to facilitate the transition of our early career members to independence.  We have tasked the Pipeline Development Committee with developing a proposal for achieving this goal and this committee is hard at work on this proposal. Read Dr. Krystal’s full blog here.