Wearable technologies for developing sleep and circadian biomarkers: a summary of workshop discussions
Christopher M Depner, Philip C Cheng, Jaime K Devine, Seema Khosla, Massimiliano de Zambotti, Rébecca Robillard, Andrew Vakulin, and Sean P A Drummond on behalf of the participants of the 2018 International Biomarkers Workshop on Wearables in Sleep and Circadian Science

Comparing internet-delivered cognitive therapy and behavior therapy with telephone support for insomnia disorder: a randomized controlled trial
Rikard Sunnhed, Hugo Hesser, Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring, Charles M Morin, Allison G Harvey, and Markus Jansson-Fröjmark

Apraxia in children and adults with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Christian Guilleminault, Yu-Shu Huang, and Stacey Quo