Please take this opportunity to inspire others by sharing your research, and your image, with your SRS and sleep researcher colleagues!

This year we would like to showcase the scientific contributions of our SRS members by inviting all SRS members to submit one image, whether histological, technological or observational, that you feel best represents your research.  Artistic renditions are encouraged!  Please include with your image submission a couple of sentences describing your image, including how the image represents your research. The contributor of the winning submission will not only receive a professionally reproduced and framed version of their image submission, but the framed image will also serve as the main award for the Raffle prize to be held at Club Hypnos 2017! The winning image will be revealed prior to the commencement of the Raffle.

Please send your image file* noting copyright ownership to SRS Coordinator.

Entry Deadline: May 7, 2017
*File Requirements
File type: jpg, tif, eps (please no pdf)