Dreem, the maker of the first lab-grade headband for accurate sleep tracking, has announced a call for research proposals.

By utilizing Dreem’s headband, researchers now have the opportunity for large scale longitudinal studies, which can bring new perspectives to sleep and overall health. Until now, sleep research in many fields has been limited by the alternative, Polysomnography, which is expensive, provides one night of data per subject, and requires trained human resources.

The Dreem 2 headband wirelessly tracks sleep activity via seven sensors that measure, without any Bluetooth or WiFi connection, brain activity (via dry EEG electrodes), blood oxygen saturation via heart rate pulse oximetry, and head position and respiratory rate using an accelerometer.

Dreem has recently released findings showing excellent agreement between the Dreem headband and PSG, in terms of EEG signal quality, heart rate and breathing, and an overall accuracy of sleep stage scoring for Dreem of almost 84%.

Review of Proposals: Members of Dreem’s scientific advisory board will review applications, including Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, Dr. Raphael Heinzer, Professor Russell Foster and Dr. Christof Koch.

Three (3) grant recipients will receive 20 to 100 EEG headbands and will receive the award during the announcement at the World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, Canada on September 21, 2019.

Deadline Submission: August 19, 2019