SRS Award Winner Receives T32 Grant in Sleep

Dr. Robert Greene Expresses Gratitude to SRS

In 2016, the SRS Awarded a $25,000 T32 Grant Support Award to Dr. Robert Greene. The goal of the award was to target and increase training opportunities in the field of sleep and circadian rhythm research, in providing a potential program director funding to work with his/her institution to offset personnel and administrative expenses during the development and submittal of a NEW T32 Institutional Training Grant proposal in the field of sleep and circadian rhythm research to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“I want to express my gratitude to the SRS for starting us off on this T32 by sponsoring a pre-grant grant to fund the needed administrative help for organizing a T32 submission. I am sure without this support, that I would not have undertaken this venture in the first place. It also had the added bonus of helpful reviews of the pre-T32 which aided in development of the actual grant proposal (thank you again SRS and the review committee). Another note about this, my initial submission in the spring of 17 was not funded but re-submission (with a few suggested tweaks from the study section) resulted in its finally being funded. I think it will provide a real foundation for our new sleep and circadian rhythms center at the Peter O’Donnell Brain Institute, UTSW Medical Center. If anyone is interested in any details of my experiences thus far please feel to contact me.”