Starting January 15, the SRS will be accepting nominations for the positions of Board Member at Large and President-Elect. We encourage all members to nominate anyone who would make great leadership for the Sleep Research Society.

Essential Characteristics of an SRS Board Member

We appreciate that some of these are hard to quantify.

  • Is a strategic, diverse, and creative thinker
  • Has demonstrated wisdom
  • A perceived leader or potential leader
  • Effective communicator, willing to collaborate and compromise, not overly dogmatic
  • Is committed to the society and its mission, has time to commit to their role on the Board, and is responsive and timely
  • Knowledgeable about the society and the field, broadly speaking; willing to learn, where knowledge gaps exist
  • Is engaged in sleep and/or circadian research and/or training and is committed to the advancement of the field as a whole
  • Willing to understand the legal responsibilities of the board and society