NIH Needs Sleep and Circadian Researchers on Study Sections

The SRS has recently received feedback in multiple venues and from multiple NIH Scientific Review Officers (SRO) that there is a serious shortage of sleep and circadian scientists who are willing to review grants. We have been told a larger proportion of sleep and circadian investigators decline a request to serve, either as ad hoc reviewers or standing members of Study Section, relative to what is seen in other fields.

The SROs have further suggested this lack of sleep and circadian experts on review panels is hurting the chances of our grants receiving fundable scores. This is clearly very bad for our field, and it is frustrating we are doing this to ourselves. To help address this problem of a shortage of reviewers, multiple SROs have asked the SRS to provide a list of names of investigators who are willing to say “yes” if asked to review grants. Thus, we would like to put such a list together.

I am asking all US-based investigators in the SRS community to please consider adding your name to the list of the willing. Adding your name does not guarantee you will be asked, of course. The list will help interested SROs ensure they have the necessary expertise to review sleep and circadian grants. In the end, this should lead to more fair reviews of our grants, allowing the truly meritorious grants to be identified and funded.

If you are willing to add your name to the list, please email us[SPAD1]  and provide your name and a few bullet points related to your area(s) of expertise. We will compile the list and provide it to interested SROs. Thank you very much for considering serving the field as a reviewer, and as always, thank you for your membership.

Sean P.A. Drummond, PhD