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The Sleep Research Society Foundation (SRSF) provides support
for growth and development in the field of sleep and circadian
research by funding investigators to conduct pilot studies that
would form the basis of more comprehensive applications to
federal agencies, private foundations and industry partners.

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What We Do

Sleep loss hampers our ability to concentrate, reduces motivation and creativity, and increases irritability. Insufficient sleep jeopardizes our personal health, our workplace productivity, and the well-being of our communities.

In the United States, working days lost due to insufficient sleep and sleep disorders account for $411 billion in economic losses and represent 2.28 percent of our country’s GDP annually. The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has described the rising trend of insufficient sleep as “an unmet public health problem.” Thanks to breakthroughs in the field of sleep research, we are now beginning to understand the fundamental importance of sleep.

Sleep and circadian research matters, and it is vital that we continue to probe and investigate if we are to unlock these mysteries and so many more. 

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Funds Awarded

59 Awards

Granted to Investigators

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In 2017, the Sleep Research Society Foundation embarked on the “Funding our Future Scientists” campaign, a national fundraising initiative with the goal to ensure funding is available to grant the SRSF Career Development Award to multiple recipients annually.

With nearly 2.5 million secured in individual pledges and corporate support over 5 years, SRS members and industry have demonstrated their unprecedented support, contributing to the SRSF’s impact. Learn more

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Projected Potential – $2.5M to $35M

Based on historic returns, the $2.5M provided to SRSF early-career awardees could result in $35M in funding for sleep and circadian research.

Jump-Started 37 Careers

Fully-funded 20 early-career investigators and assisted with funding 10 more to attend the 2019 Advances in Sleep and Circadian Sciences conference; 2 SRS Mentor-Mentee Awards were granted to trainees and awarded 5 travel grants to early-career investigators to attend the 2019 Young Investigators Research Forum.

The SRSF recognizes the challenges of transitioning from post-doctoral training to independent research funding. The goal of these mentored awards is to invest in promising early career investigators and assist with their transition into independence as junior investigators.


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Award Recipient

The research support of my SRSF Career Development Award provided me additional resources to complete an independent research project in my early career. The funds were instrumental in providing me the opportunity to manage a research project and better prepare me to be a future independent researcher. I was additionally able to use the resources to further develop my research skills through courses and strengthen my publication record with a first author manuscript . I am grateful for the support provided because it has better positioned me to become a successful researcher as I start my career as a physician-scientist at a large academic institution. – Jason Yu, MD

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