Dear SRS Members,

For the last 6 years, our organization’s strategic plan has guided the society leadership in the development and maintenance of programs and initiatives aimed at achieving the objectives of the society.

Effective implementation of these programs/initiatives is necessary for us to achieve those objectives. This relies on the efforts of members of our society working on SRS Committees. I want to thank all of you who have devoted and are devoting your time to serving on these committees. Your hard work has been instrumental to the success of our organization.

In order for the SRS to continue to be an effective and successful organization we need our committees to continue to include a sufficient number of members to complete the required work. To this end, I would like to make a plea to those who have not served on an SRS committee to volunteer to do so. The committees that members can volunteer to join are:

  • Communications Committee
  • Funding Development Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Pipeline Development Committee
  • Scientific Offerings Committee
  • Scientific Review Committee
  • Trainee Education Advisory Committee

Specific information about the function of each of these committees can be found on our website via the following link:

We assign members to serve on committees annually based on the available committee openings and taking into account the committee preferences of volunteers as far as possible.  The deadline for volunteering to be considered for service on a committee for 2019-2020 is April 19, 2019.   You can volunteer via the following link:

Please volunteer! Your participation is vital to the continued success and vitality of our organization.

Andrew D. Krystal, MD, MS