It is will deep regret, that we share with you the passing of Dr. Richard E. Kronauer. Dr. Kronauer passed away at the age of 94 on October 18th at his home in Tuscon, AZ. He is survived by his three children, Mrs. Karen Edwards Kronauer, Mr. Charles Richard Kronauer and Mrs. Anne Kronauer Saetren.

Richard Ernest Kronauer was the Gordon McKay Professor of Mechanical Engineering, emeritus, at Harvard University. He was primarily known for his pioneering work in mathematical biology, especially research on human circadian rhythms. Kronauer’s 1982 paper “Mathematical model of the human circadian system with two interacting oscillators” outlined a new method for understanding the biological circuits that underlie daily body cycles in variables such as blood pressure or body temperature. Professor Kronauer’s research also has direct implications for the causes and possible cures for many types of sleep disorders, and for this he received the Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine in June 2008.

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