High separation anxiety trajectory in early childhood is a risk factor for sleep bruxism at age 7
Elham Garmroudinezhad Rostami, Évelyne Touchette, Nelly Huynh, Jacques Montplaisir, Richard E Tremblay, Marco Battaglia, and Michel Boivin

Developing preliminary blood metabolomics-based biomarkers of insufficient sleep in humans
Christopher M Depner, Dasha T Cogswell, Paul J Bisesi, Rachel R Markwald, Charmion Cruickshank-Quinn, Kevin Quinn, Edward L Melanson, Nichole Reisdorph, and Kenneth P Wright Jr

Sleep-wake rhythm disruption is associated with cancer-related fatigue in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia
L M H Steur, G J L Kaspers, E J W Van Someren, N K A Van Eijkelenburg, I M Van der Sluis, N Dors, C Van den Bos, W J E Tissing, M A Grootenhuis, and R R L Van Litsenburg

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