Wearable technologies for developing sleep and circadian biomarkers: a summary of workshop discussions
Christopher M Depner, Philip C Cheng, Jaime K Devine, Seema Khosla, Massimiliano de Zambotti, Rébecca Robillard, Andrew Vakulin, Sean P A Drummond on behalf of the participants of the 2018 International Biomarkers Workshop on Wearables in Sleep and Circadian Science

Demographics, sleep, and daily patterns of caffeine intake of shift workers in a nationally representative sample of the US adult population
Harris R Lieberman, Sanjiv Agarwal, John A Caldwell, Victor L Fulgoni, III

Concordance between self-reported and actigraphy-assessed sleep duration among African-American adults: findings from the Jackson Heart Sleep Study
Chandra L Jackson, Julia B Ward, Dayna A Johnson, Mario Sims, James Wilson, Susan Redline