Advance Articles for October 2018

The long-term memory benefits of a daytime nap compared to cramming
James N Cousins, Kian F Wong, Bindiya L Raghunath, Carol Look Michael, and W L Chee

Displacement of the hyoid bone by muscle paralysis and lung volume increase: effects of obesity and obstructive sleep apnea
Akane Kohno, DDS Yuji Kitamura, MD, PhD Shinichiro Kato, MD, PhD Hirohisa Imai, RT Yoshitada Masuda, RT, PhD Yasunori Sato, PhD and Shiroh Isono, MD, PhD

Sex differences in measures of central sensitization and pain sensitivity to experimental sleep disruption: Implications for sex differences in chronic pain
Michael T Smith, Jr, Ph.D Bethany Remeniuk, Ph.D Patrick H Finan, Ph.D Traci J Speed, MD, Ph.D D Andrew Tompkins, MD, MHS Mercedes Robinson Kaylin Gonzalez Martin F Bjurstrom, MD and Michael R Irwin, MD