Editor’s Choice for November 2018

Assessing Ventilatory Instability Using the Response to Spontaneous Sighs During Sleep in Preterm Infants
Bradley A Edwards,  Leonardo Nava-Guerra,  James S Kemp,  John L Carroll,  Michael C Khoo,  Scott A Sands,  Philip I Terrill,  Shane A Landry  and  Raouf S Amin

Reassessing GWAS findings for the shared genetic basis of insomnia and restless legs syndrome
Maryam El Gewely,  Mélanie Welman,  Lan Xiong,  Sophie Yin,  Hélène Catoire,  Guy Rouleau, Jacques Y Montplaisir,  Alex Desautels  and  Simon C Warby

Associations between polysomnography and actigraphy-based sleep indices and glycemic control among those with and without type 2 diabetes: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Kara M Whitaker,  Pamela L Lutsey,  Rachel P Ogilvie,  James S Pankow,  Alain Bertoni,  Erin D Michos,  Naresh Punjabi  and  Susan Redline