Have You Read the Latest Edition of SLEEP?

Have You Read the Latest Edition of SLEEP?

Editor’s Choice for November 2018

Assessing Ventilatory Instability Using the Response to Spontaneous Sighs During Sleep in Preterm Infants
Bradley A Edwards,  Leonardo Nava-Guerra,  James S Kemp,  John L Carroll,  Michael C Khoo,  Scott A Sands,  Philip I Terrill,  Shane A Landry  and  Raouf S Amin

Reassessing GWAS findings for the shared genetic basis of insomnia and restless legs syndrome
Maryam El Gewely,  Mélanie Welman,  Lan Xiong,  Sophie Yin,  Hélène Catoire,  Guy Rouleau, Jacques Y Montplaisir,  Alex Desautels  and  Simon C Warby

Associations between polysomnography and actigraphy-based sleep indices and glycemic control among those with and without type 2 diabetes: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Kara M Whitaker,  Pamela L Lutsey,  Rachel P Ogilvie,  James S Pankow,  Alain Bertoni,  Erin D Michos,  Naresh Punjabi  and  Susan Redline

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