Supporting Sleep and Circadian Research in 2023 

$1.2M raised

Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign

2017 – The SRS Foundation embarked on the Funding Our Future Scientists Campaign, an international fundraising initiative to raise support to fund the SRS Foundation Career Development Award so more sleep and circadian researchers would be able to launch their careers to make the significant advances needed to understand and treat sleep disorders.

2022 – The Campaign ends with nearly $1.2M raised from 93 SRS members and 13 corporate supporters, resulting in 22 awardees who ___________.

Annual appeal

2019 – The annual appeal is launched to provide a way for more SRS members to support early-career investigators. Funds raised annually through this appeal allowed the SRS Foundation to meet the needs of SRS members through these programs:

  • SRSF Small Research Grant
  • SRSF Mentor-Mentee Award
  • SRSF conference scholarships to specialized meetings, including the SLEEP Meeting, the ASCS meeting, and the AASM Foundation’s Young Investigator’s Research Forum.

Funding Our Future Scientists Annual Appeal

2023 – The Funding Our Future Scientists Annual Appeal is created to provide an opportunity for ALL SRS members and the public to support sleep and circadian research. Funds raised will provide support to fund these programs:

  • SRSF Career Development Award
  • SRSF Small Research Grant
  • SRSF Mentored Collaboration Grant
  • SRS Foundation Conference Scholarships:
    • Advances in Sleep & Circadian (ASCS) Scholarship
    • SLEEP meeting Undergraduate Registration Scholarship
    • SLEEP meeting Post Graduate Course Scholarship
    • Young Investigator’s Research Forum Registration Scholarship

You can play a vital role in not only supporting and ensuring the next generation of researchers, but also in advancing the understanding of sleep, resulting in more effective medical care. Your support creates an opportunity to improve the health and quality of life in sleep disorders patients and the public.

We need your help as corporate partners cannot do it alone. As an SRS Member, please consider donating to help us secure our goal of $50,000 from individual donations. Every dollar counts. Your gift is tax-deductible.