Have you read the latest edition of SLEEP? Here are the Editor’s Choice articles for May 2019.

Newly identified sleep–wake and circadian circuits as potential therapeutic targets
Anne Venner, William D Todd, Jimmy Fraigne, Hannah Bowrey, Ada Eban-Rothschild, Satvinder Kaur, and Christelle Anaclet

Circadian phenotype impacts the brain’s resting-state functional connectivity, attentional performance, and sleepiness
Elise R Facer-Childs, Brunno M Campos, Benita Middleton, Debra J Skene, and Andrew P Bagshaw

Differential effects of split and continuous sleep on neurobehavioral function and glucose tolerance in sleep-restricted adolescents
June C Lo, Derek C K Twan, Swathy Karamchedu, Xuan Kai Lee, Ju Lynn Ong, Elaine Van Rijn, Joshua J Gooley, and Michael W L Chee