Lower Socioeconomic Status and Co-morbid Conditions are Associated with Reduced CPAP Adherence use Among Older Adult Medicare Beneficiaries with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Emerson M Wickwire, Sophia L Jobe, Liesl M Oldstone, Steven M Scharf, Abree M Johnson, Jennifer S Albrecht

Automated 3D video analysis of lower limb movements during REM sleep: a new diagnostic tool for isolated REM sleep behavior disorder
Markus Waser, Ambra Stefani, Evi Holzknecht, Bernhard Kohn, Heinz Hackner, Elisabeth Brandauer, Melanie Bergmann, Philip Taupe, Markus Gall, Heinrich Garn, Birgit Högl

A Deep Learning-based Algorithm for Detection of Cortical Arousal During Sleep
Ao Li, Siteng Chen, Stuart F Quan, Linda S Powers, Janet M Roveda