We are pleased to announce and congratulate the 2022 SRSF Small Research Grant recipients!

Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD – Indiana University School of Medicine
Jamila Battle, MD – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amy Costa – University of Missouri
Joshua Gonzalez, PhD – Oregon Health & Science University
Ian Greenlund, PhD – Mayo Clinic
Kathryn Harper, PhD – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Courtney Kurinec, PhD – Washington State University
Gonzalo Labarca, MD – Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Madison Musich – University of Missouri-Columbia
Frank Raven, PhD – University of Michigan
Matthew Reid, PhD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Harry Smith, PhD – University of Bath
Melanie Stearns, PhD – University of South Florida
Lena Xiao, MD – The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

These recipients received funding from the AASM Foundation. Congratulations!

Lena Xiao. MD
Melanie Sterns, PhD
Gonzalo Labarca, MD
Harry Smith, PhD
Jamila Battle, MD