The SRS has submitted unique question ideas to the All of Us Research Program, led by the National Institutes of Health. To get sleep and circadian in the mix, go in TODAY and vote for the six ideas submitted by the SRS. Selected question ideas will be considered for the All of Us research platform. The goal is to build a huge, diverse data set to support research. With your help, sleep will be included in the important questions asked. Vote TODAY–here’s how you do it!

  1. Go to the All of Us submission platform, on the following page:
  2. If you don’t have an account, click “register”in the upper right-hand corner and set up an account. If you do have an account, simply log in.
  3. Vote for the SRS submissions by scrolling down and clicking on the “All of Us Research Priorities Workshop Use Cases” box .
  4. Input ‘sleep’ in the search box to narrow down the list and vote for the following topics that were submitted by Patrick Fuller on behalf of the SRS:
    • Characterize the bases for the circadian timing, duration and quality of sleep and vulnerability to develop sleep disorders
    • Wearables for capturing sleep and circadian information across day/night and long-term.
    • Development of biomarkers of sleep sufficiency for use in safety for duty assessment and longer term health indices.
    • Inclusion of survey questions sensitive to sleep and circadian phenotypes, which may be easily administered via smart phone apps
    • Understand the inter-relationships among sleep, diet, physical activity and stress on one another and health outcomes.
    • Increase the utility of specimens collected in AoU through time stamping, which would provide general circadian information.