Several times on this blog, I have spoken about different aspects of our strategic plan. One of the key aspects of the strategic plan on which we have not spent much attention is seeking revenue sources to fund the priorities of our Society and Foundation. While we have had moderate success in the past raising funds for the Foundation’s Career Development Awards, this year the Board decided to take a more proactive approach to fundraising.

This spring, the SRSF engaged nearly 175 SRS members through a confidential interview and survey process to test the merits of launching a formal fundraising campaign.  Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, the Foundation Board agreed to move forward with its first official capital campaign. The goal of this fundraising effort is to further establish the Foundation as the premier entity focused on enhancing the research careers of trainees and early investigators in sleep and circadian science. Over the next 90 days, Foundation leaders will work to finalize the campaign case for support, recruit campaign leaders and develop a formal campaign plan. We will be seeking support from SRS members, corporate constituents and other key stakeholders of the sleep research community at the appropriate time.

I will be sharing additional information on the Campaign and other fundraising efforts as we continue to make progress.

Sean P.A. Drummond, PhD