With the annual conference almost upon us, we are busy preparing for the meeting, as well as for the 2017-2018 year. A few highlights from 2016-2017 along with some reminders…

As President, I have worked to increase our inter-society and international connections. We have successfully partnered with the:
Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) for a SRS Satellite Meeting at the CSS meeting this April;
Society for Biological Rhythms on a joint symposium at SLEEP 2017 and on government advocacy efforts;
Australasian Sleep Association on a joint symposium at SLEEP 2017 and a joint symposium at Sleep Down Under 2017.

Member involvement is critical in meeting our Strategic Plan!  Remember to vote in the SRS elections!!! Last day to vote is April 14. We have an exciting slate of Board and President-elect candidates this year. If you no longer have your ballot email, please contact our SRS Coordinator at coordinator@srsnet.org and request a new one.

The Committee on Committees has recently met to select new committee volunteers for next year. A HUGE thank you to all who volunteered. We had so many volunteers we can only offer committee slots to about half of them. We are deeply grateful for the enthusiasm of our members and will continue to look for ways for people to get involved.

The Board and our Committees continue to implement our Strategic Plan. Soon after the meeting, we will make plans for how to make even more gains in 2017-2018. Please plan to attend the SRS Membership meeting at SLEEP 2017, Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 12:20 PM in Boston at the Hynes Conventions Center so you can hear more about what we have been doing and our future plans.

Sean P.A. Drummond, PhD