Updates on the Strategic Plan: Career Development

Today, I continue my series to provide updates on our progress in implementing the SRS Strategic Plan and previews of things to come. In this update I focus on career development.

A focus on training, mentoring, and career development for the next generation of sleep and circadian scientists has always been in the DNA of the SRS. Indeed, way back in the early 1990s, the SRS was already

providing financial support so trainees could attend the annual meeting. I received my first travel award 26 years ago! Soon after that, we started the Trainee Symposia Series (affectionately known as “Trainee Day”) and programs have grown ever sense.

For the last few years, SRS career development efforts have been led by the Trainee Education Advisory Committee (Chair: Kelly Baron; Past Chair: Lisa Meltzer) and the Pipeline Development Committee (Chair: Phil Gehrman). The latter is a new committee set up as a direct result of the Strategic Plan. The major foci in career development over the last few years have included: a) expanding programs to cover the whole year; b) targeting programs at more selective and specific sets of investigators; and c) better including our international members in these programs. Example of career development activities include…Read more>>>