SRS Grant Pre-Review Program

Grant support for early-stage investigators pursuing K- or R-level grants (or similar) who do not have access to internal institutional grant pre-review mechanisms. For each review cycle, the Pipeline Development Committee will accept up to three candidates to have their grants peer-reviewed by two separate reviewers.

Application Requirements

  • Interested applicants should submit a letter of intent, including specific aims and names of 5 potential SRS member reviewers with appropriate expertise, one month prior to the pre-review application deadline. Applicants are encouraged to use the SRS membership directory to identify potential reviewers if they are unsure of SRS membership status.
  • LOI’s will be reviewed by the Pipeline Development Committee. If approved, the applicants will be required to complete an application to the program, provide a grant proposal with research plan and any supporting documents needed for the review, and provide a letter from the applicant’s mentor (K-level grant) endorsing that the proposal is complete, ready for pre-review.
  • Applicants will receive feedback from reviewers within 30 days of acceptance and will have the option to attend a 30-minute session with each reviewer to address any questions or concerns regarding the comments.

Review Cycle Deadlines

Activity Code Cycle I Due Date Pre-Review LOI Due Grant Pre-Review Due Date Reviews Due from Reviewers
R Series Feb 5/16
Mar 5/16
Nov 5 Jan 5 Feb 5
K Series Feb 12
Mar 12
Nov 5 Jan 5 Feb 5
R Series Jun 5/16
Jul 5/16
Mar 5 May 5 June 5
K Series Jun 12
Jul 12
Mar 5 May 5 June 5
R Series Oct 5/16
Nov 5/16
Aug 5 Oct 5 Nov 5
K Series Oct 12
Nov 12
Aug 5 Oct 5 Nov 5