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Welcome to the Sleep Research Society podcast page. Listen to riveting podcast episodes that feature cutting-edge research from SRS members and leadership or focus on important sleep and circadian rhythm-related research topics relevant to our scientific community.

The SRS Podcast discusses the latest findings in sleep and circadian research, with an emphasis on research published in SLEEP and SLEEP Advances. Episodes will feature discussions between our host, Jesse Cook, MS, and researchers of the most cutting-edge sleep and circadian science. Join us the first Tuesday of every month for new episodes!

Season 1

Episode 1:


What makes people more or less susceptible to the deleterious effects of sleep loss? This episode is principally focused on this question and we are grateful to digitally sit down with Dr. Olga Galli as we discuss their recent publication in SLEEP entitled “Predictors of interindividual differences in vulnerability to neurobehavioral consequences of chronic partial sleep restriction.” LISTEN NOW

Our Host

Jesse Cook, MS, is a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He established foundational Sleep research experience as an undergraduate research assistant in the late Dr. Richard Bootzin’s Sleep Research Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Since his initial introduction to Sleep research in 2011, Jesse has developed a voracious appetite for all things Sleep and Circadian research. The intersection of his love for Sleep and Circadian research and podcasts fuels his desire to provide engaging, educational, and entertaining episodes purposed to discuss the latest findings in Sleep and Circadian research.

Jesse has been a member of the Sleep Research Society (SRS) since 2013. Since joining the SRS, Jesse has served the SRS as a subcommittee member on the Trainee Education and Advisory Committee (2018-2019), committee member on the Trainee Education and Advisory Committee (2019-2021), Trainee Member At-Large Elect (2019-2020), Trainee Member At-Large (2020-2021), and member of the Board of Directors (2020-2021). Currently, Jesse serves on the Communications Committee.