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Oxford University

Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine

Requires admission to the Programme
Cost: See tuition fees

University of Illinois, Chicago

The Certificate in Sleep Health (CSH)

The curriculum of the CSH program consists of 3-credit hour courses for a total of 9 credit hours. The certificate is offered completely online.

The CSH will be open to baccalaureate  prepared nurses, physicians, psychologists, researchers or other health care professionals, as well as individuals who are interested in sleep and circadian rhythms.

  • The 1st Course is  about “Nature and Functions of Sleep”. This course considers normal versus abnormal sleep patterns, the impact of sleep on functioning, changes in sleep across the life span, how to develop healthy sleep habits, and to evaluate sleep, sleepiness and sleep disorders.
  • The 2nd Course is  about “Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Disorders”. This is the second in a series of three courses. This course considers assessment and management of sleep disorders in adults and children. Disorders include sleep apnea, insomnia and hypersomnia.
  • The 3rd course is “Sleep Disorders and Co-morbid Conditions in Adults” which is the final course of this program. This course examines sleep disorders associated with co-morbid and chronic conditions and appropriate interventions to promote sleep.

When students complete this certificate, THEY will be able to:

  1. Describe normal developmental sleep changes across the lifespan.
  2. Explain normal sleep patterns, common sleep disorders and co-morbid sleep disorders.
  3. Discuss potentially adverse health outcomes associated with sleep disturbances.
  4. Apply knowledge of sleep into a health assessment, patient’s health care plan, and patient education.
  5. Examine risk factors of sleep disorders and describe interventions to promote sufficient sleep.
  6. Evaluate and explain sleep problems associated with co-morbid and chronic conditions and appropriate interventions to promote sleep.
  7. Analyze evidence-based methods to evaluate sleep related data and findings of sleep research articles.

Non-UIC individuals interested in taking this course must be admitted to UIC as a non-degree seeking graduate student prior to being able to register (

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University of Pennsylvania

Current Topics in Sleep Medicine

This modular, web-based, on-demand curriculum will provide a series of up-to-date courses on core topics and clinical cases in sleep medicine from leading experts in the Division of Sleep Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. CME/CE credit will be awarded upon completion of each course in the series.

Open to the general public; requires registration

University of Virginia

PSY 4200: Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming

This course will cover topics including the neurological processes of sleep, dreaming, and consciousness, as well as sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, insomnia, and hypersomnia. This class is designed to be interactive, with lectures and activities designed to give students a unique learning experience. Not only will students learn about sleep in general, they will also gain insight into their own sleeping patterns.

Requires admission to the University
Cost: See tuition fees