SRS Dependent Care Scholarship

The SRS acknowledges that many of its members have caretaking responsibilities at home, limiting access to attend professional conferences and events. These responsibilities may include care for young children, an ill or disabled spouse, an aging parent, or other situations the SRS may not be aware of. With the goals of improving equity in access, maintaining, and engaging the SRS pipeline, increasing diversity, as well as maximizing membership value, the SRS invites members who meet the eligibility requirements of the Dependent Care Scholarship to apply.

The application period for SLEEP 2023 has closed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be an active SRS member (any level)
  • Applicant must have at least one (1) dependent
  • Applicant must be first author/presenter of an abstract (poster or talk), a speaker in a submitted symposium/discussion group, or invited speaker
  • Within 60 days of attending the conference, the awardee must agree to
    • provide a report with:
      • their meeting itinerary;
      • itemized dependent care expenses with receipts
    • provide a post-meeting survey to assess success of the program that includes:
      • how the Dependent Care Scholarship helped them attend/fully engage with the meeting;
      • articulate specific benefits they gained from attending meeting that they may not have otherwise received (e.g., forming a new connection/collaboration from a networking event);
      • whether receiving the award influenced future attendance at SLEEP;
      • whether receiving the award influenced whether they will remain a member of the SRS
Allowable Expenses: Unallowable Expenses:
  • Dependent care expenses (incurred at home or in the annual meeting city)
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a caregiver and/or dependent(s) to the annual meeting city
  • Travel of a relative or caregiver to the recipient’s home to care for a dependent(s)
  • Travel of the recipient’s dependent(s) to the location of a relative or caregiver
  • Only one (1) Family Care Grant per family is permitted
  • Dependent care expenses at home that would normally be incurred (after school care, ongoing dependent care)
  • Food
  • Meeting registration

Awarding Process

Awards will be in the form of reimbursement following submission of receipts after the annual meeting. The number of awards and the amount for each award will depend on the total number of applications received and available funding.

Please note: Priority will be given to those who have not received the scholarship in previous years.