Open position for a team leader in neurosciences at the Sleep, Attention and Neuropsychiatry Unit (B - University of Bordeaux

Job Posted on: February 11, 2014

Contact Information
Name: Pr Pierre PHILIP / SANPSY Unit
Location: Bordeaux,
Phone: (055) 782-0182 x+33
Job Description
Job Category: Other
Job Status: Full Time

The University of Bordeaux ( and the cluster of excellence LabEx BRAIN ( offers an open position for a tenure track assistant professorship, junior researcher, in Basic and Clinical Research. The new team will be part of the SANPSY Unit ( that combines multidisciplinary expertise in electrophysiology, cognitive psychology, neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology and virtual reality. The SANPSY unit operates a research platform dedicated to human phenotyping.

Integration in the SANPSY Unit

The new team will benefit from the existing facilities and research equipment of the SANPSY unit (i.e. sleep lab, EEG, cognition tasks, and pharmacological facilities) plus the EquipEx PHENOVIRT project based on simulation (car, plane) and virtual reality (CAVE). Current researchers of the SANPSY unit share approaches on sleep physiology and inter individual vulnerabilities to sleep loss. A translational approach with basic teams working on animals and epidemiological projects (i.e. I Share) is also available to implement the new team in the SANPSY Unit.

Integration in the BRAIN cluster of excellence

The LabEx BRAIN core is composed by 25 teams from 5 Bordeaux Neurocampus Institutes and supports 11 facilities. The LabEx BRAIN brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of scientists, featuring world renowned leaders, in order to tackle the most important challenges facing neuroscience research.

This call is dedicated to strengthen the LabEx BRAIN clinical research and to contribute to open serious opportunities to optimize translational research for all teams of the Labex BRAIN.

Integration in the Bordeaux Excellence Initiative

The new team will benefit of the Bordeaux Excellence Initiative (IdEx) program whose objective is to position the University of Bordeaux as a campus of Excellence: Research of Excellence, Innovative training, efficient transfer of knowledge.

The applicant expertise and professional background should include a PhD or MD-PhD plus a Post Doc experience, experience as principal Investigator in National and/or international Grants, teaching expertise in neuroscience and sleep research. Chairs of excellence from the French Research Agency will also be considered as strong selecting criteria by the committee.

The research areas should lie within the field of Sleep, chronobiology, ageing, genetic and/or psychopharmacological approach, translational research, epidemiology, pharmacology, cognition, EEG, simulation and/or virtual reality. Brain imaging techniques is also a positive point to interact with the Labex TRAIL and the i-share Cohort.

Support for Integration in the Bordeaux University

The team leader will receive support to setup his research grant in the form of an advantageous start-up package including post-doc and technician salaries as well as equipment funding and running costs.


Candidates should send full CVs and name of 5 references to Pr PHILIP at and before 30/04/2014

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